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Dinki Dinki
Spacer for vertical reinforcement. Thanks to the special design of the bar seat, Dinki can be used for numerous bar diameters. Good concrete flow. Item no. Type Concrete cover (mm) For bar Ø (mm) Packaging (pcs.) 20228 Dinki 15/4-10 15 4...
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DOPP FILM Dimpled Sheet DOPP FILM Dimpled Sheet
Protects waterproofing paint and insulation of foundation walls from damages by the soil. It can also be used to replace the lean concrete of the subbase of a concrete slab. Item no. Roll width (cm) per roll (m / m²) per pallet (m / m²)...
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Dran Dran
Sturdy spacer for crossing point of welded wire meshes which ties open-web girders and mesh reinforcement at the same time. Item no. 1st figure = Concrete cover (mm) Bar Ø of reinforcement (mm) Bar Ø of bottom chords (mm) Packaging pcs....
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Steel-reinforced plastic bracket for ceiling edge pour stops for gun fixing or nailing. For formwork boards or pour stop materials which remain in the concrete. Prevents thermal bridges. Length: 42 cm – height: 16 cm – thickness: 4 mm...
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Bindefix Bindefix
Mat connector made of elastic spring steel. Easy installation, tight fit at the reinforcement. Provided on cardboard strips and packed in cardboard boxes. Item no. Type For bar-Ø (mm) Packaging (pcs.) 20593 6 / 6 - 16 6 / 6 - 16 12.000...
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DUMBO-AS Anchor channels made of steel DUMBO-AS Anchor channels made of steel
Cast-in channel with studs welded on, for secure anchoring of loads in concrete structures. Standard length approx. 3.05 m Item no. Profile width / height (mm) Length (mm) Number of studs m per bundle 8078 28 / 15 3.050 13 30,50 8090 38...
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For sealing of joints in watertight basement structures, e.g. in the area of the joint between floor slab and wall and / or wall and wall. Sealing is achieved by a mineral coating applied to all sides which is not sticky (no protection...
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Construction and cover films made of reclaimed PE material in translucent or opaque colouring. Item no. Colour Type Roll size (m) m² per roll Rolls per pallet 60004 Translucent 100 4 x 50 200 52 60005 Translucent 150 4 x 50 200 44 60006...
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Crossfix Crossfix
Connector and spacer for open-web girder ceilings (large area slabs). Renders tying of bottom chords with welded wire mesh superfluous. Item no. 1st figure = Concrete cover (mm) Bar Ø of reinforcement (mm) Bar Ø of bottom chords (mm)...
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Doppelrippe Doppelrippe
Expanded metal with high ribs made of galvanised sheet steel with a thickness of 0.4 mm and / or 0.575 mm. Height of reinforcing ribs: 21 mm; distance between ribs = 89 mm. The surface profiling ensures perfect bond in the working joint....
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Smooth, blank tying wire made of special high-quality wire rods. Extremely sturdy and elastic thanks to thermal treatment. Supplied on handy reels, packed in bags. Item no. ø (mm) Bag Packaging (kg) 20600 1,2 mm 1 25 20602 1,4 mm 1...
€1.00 *
DUMBO-AS Wall tie anchor DUMBO-AS Wall tie anchor
Suitable for anchor channels D 28 / 15 Material: Stainless steel A 4 (W 1.4571 / 1.4401) Item no. Length (mm) Pcs. per box 8024 120 200 8025 180 200
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